Nehemiah Grant

Grants for Chicago-area Organizations

Background: The Chicago Sunday Evening Club is a Christian organization of business and civic leaders, founded in 1908, to bring revival and promote the moral and religious welfare of Chicago. It exists to be a spiritual catalyst to inspire people of faith throughout the Chicago region to unite in common cause to build good and great communities.

The Grants: Scripture tells us Nehemiah was an Israelite who accomplished the great task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. His task required great courage and initiative along with a passion for the welfare of the city. The Chicago Sunday Evening Club is proud to again sponsor the Nehemiah Grants for Chicago area organizations that live out faith. We anticipate providing grants in the $5,000-10,000 range, though we will consider proposals for smaller amounts, and in extraordinary circumstances, a higher grant of $20,000-$25,000. Consistent with our mission, the Nehemiah Grants seek to support:

*Lectures, conversations, and media directed toward the Chicago business and civic community that provide a moral and/or religious response to the issues and challenges that face our metropolitan area.

*Faith-inspired art and music that beautifies and elevates our common life together.

*Community organizations within the Greater Chicago region that work to improve people’s lives by putting faith into action through resources that address chronic issues.