Uniting People of Faith for the Good of the City

Chicago Sunday Evening Club is a faith-focused organization of business and civic leaders that seeks revival and promotes the moral and religious welfare of the city. It serves as a spiritual catalyst throughout the Chicago area to inspire people of faith to join together for the building of a good and great city. 

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Who We Are

Since 1908, the Chicago Sunday Evening Club is a Christian community of Chicago area business and civic leaders dedicated to promoting the religious and moral life of the city. Currently, the Club’s primary activities are convening conversations to raise awareness of vital issues facing the Chicagoland area, and grant making to organizations that address problems through a lens of faith, or otherwise beautify and elevate our common life.

About Us


The Chicago Sunday Evening Club sponsors and sometimes convenes events that will gather people together working towards our mission to improve the moral and religious life of the metropolitan area.


As an off-and-on media provider over the past 115 years, we understand the importance of communicating ideas; thus, we commend articles from a variety of perspectives to cultivating a deep awareness of the larger issues surrounding our local and national life.


The Chicago’s Sunday Evening Club stands on this shoulders of men and women devoted to its mission, but are grateful for contributions through direct giving or support of our events from likeminded donors.

Nehemiah Grant


The Nehemiah Committee will review proposals, and make recommendations for the Evening Club Trustees’ approval. Successful candidates will be notified in September.

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Our Events

Remembering Dr. King: Loving Your Enemies

Monday, January 15th, 2024, 10:00 – 12:00 PM| Park Community Church(Near north)|Chicago, IL


Join us for MLK 2024 on Monday, January 15th, as we explore Dr. King’s message of radical love, inspired by his sermon “Loving Your Enemies.” Through engaging discussions and heartfelt testimonies, we aim to deepen our understanding of what it means to love our enemies in today’s world. 


June 19, 2023, 10 AM | Park Community Church | Chicago, IL

We celebrate a milestone in the history of the African-American people, educate ourselves on progress made and the great work that remains, and rededicate our lives to Dr. King’s vision of the beloved community.


Clifford Barnes Award and Nehemiah Grants Presentation

October 17, 2023 | Park Community Church | Chicago, IL

Join us for our annual luncheon where we present our annual Clifford Barnes Award and Nehemiah Grant to our recipients. More information to come soon!